Dr. Murtazina helped me feel better after my very first visit. I thought I already knew a lot about eating right, but she instantly saw problems with my diet and I couldn't wait to return again and again. Highly recommended.
Cyrus, Seattle, WA

I'm very pleased with my results - we focused on a healthy weight loss, and I didn't only loose weight, but my body composition had improved, and I don't need to wear Spanx anymore:)
Emily, Bellevue, WA

Dr. Murtazina knows her stuff! She asks questions about eating habits (without judging!), notes past medical history, studies family history, carefully reviews food logs, and then suggests manageable changes that are helping me heal from the inside out! Each appointment brings me one step closer to less abdominal pain, better digestion, more energy, and better absorption of nutrients! I appreciate Dr. Murtazina's encouragement toward my digestive health goals and her tips and tricks for making healthy eating easier. Thank you, Dr. Murtazina for your attention to detail and holistic approach! :)
Dorothy C., Bellevue, WA

Dr. Murtazina has given me a new lease on life. A year and a half ago I started having GI problems. These problems evolved into such a horrible problem that it affected every facet of my life. In that year and a half, I have seen a number of doctors, have had a series of tests without any results. Each doctor proscribed a bandaid for the GI problems, which was usually prilosec. I went to Dr. Murtazina for help and in the first session, she gave me something I had lost many months before, hope. It's been a month and a half and a handful of visits to her office and I feel absolutely great. My stomach feels normal which to me is the greatest feeling. From the very first session she listened to all my problems and it really felt like she was trying to find the underlying problems. She came up with a plan which was easy to follow and with each session we add to it, so as I am healing inside, I am working towards a healthier lifestyle. For anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle or GI problems, I would definitely recommend Dr. Murtazina.
William P., Tacoma, WA

Dr. Murtazina is wonderful. I have been seeing her for a little over four months and she has really helped me in so many ways. She never judges and helps you make changes to your lifestyle in small ways, steps at a time. I have multiple food sensitivities and she has really helped me to feel healthy, energized, and happy again. She is helping me see food differently and educating me on how to keep my body and digestion healthy! You will not be disappointed!
Megan M., Sammamish, WA

I was tired, lethargic and depressed. After trying antidepressant medication for years with little long term success I thought there had to be a better way... Dr. Murtazina listened to my symptoms, evaluated what I was eating and drinking, and worked with me to come up with a plan to fix my issues. The changes were pretty easy to understand and implement, and the supplementation was straight forward and didn't break the bank. Now I feel great - I'm performing better in my professional life, and happier in my personal life. Thank you Dr. Murtazina!
Scott T., Seattle, WA